Welcome to word goals!

Congratulations on taking a step forward in your learning and self improvement!

You may be wondering a few things about Word Goals, so we just want to clear up some frequently asked questions for you…

What will I learn each week?

Every Sunday you will receive an email from us with a new word and goal to focus on during the week.

You will  learn a new word to add to your vocabulary (and impress your friends :)) every week.  The words we focus on are often words most people have never heard of before.

What is a Word Goal?

A Word Goal is a small weekly goal that is based on a specific word to help you focus on accomplishing something each week.  The focus for each goal is to help you grow.

Each Word Goal will focus on THREE aspects:

1.  The word and definition

2.  A deep reflection that deepens the meaning of the word and  gives you something to meditate on through the week.

3.  A Word Goal to help you take action and focus on growth

Want to DIVE IN right away with some of our past Word Goals? 

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Keep your eyes open for your NEW Word goal on Sunday!