Word Goal of the Week: PAEAN


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Pronounced: [ pee-uh n ]


  1. A joyous song or hymn of praise, tribute, thanksgiving, or triumph
  2. An act or thing that hails, extols, or otherwise highlights

A Simple Reflection on the Word

An Olympic gold medalist is often brought to tears as they hear their country’s national anthem being played as a paean to their athletic prowess. A standing ovation at the end of a play can serve as a paean to how well the actors have portrayed a story. Whether being performed in the world of athletics or recognizing an individual for success, paeans bring emotion and motivation to all who experience them.

While there are many ways in which we can demonstrate praise to one another, a paean usually implies a gesture which is grand and demonstrates the utmost respect. They can come in the form of a victory song or through the written word itself, but they have a very specific purpose to demonstrate joy and create a bond between people who share a common passion. 

There is a powerful lesson to be learned here…

When we humbly celebrate the achievements of others, we can form a connection that ignites belief and motivation within us to succeed.Click To Tweet

It is often difficult to watch others triumph in areas we strive to pursue ourselves. We can either resent them for their accomplishments or we can highlight their prosperity and create a bond. Reaching out to those we respect with a gesture of praise will go a lot further than cutting them down in a moment of insecurity. 

A paean has the ability to bring tears of joy to an Olympian and at the same time offer hope to a stadium filled with fans. We have the same power within us. Pursuing our passions requires patience and the first step to true success is often found through humility. 

Word Goal for today

Create a paean for someone this week. Choose to do ONE of the following:

  • Write a letter (or email) to someone you admire that highlights the amazing things they have accomplished.
  • Put together a playlist of songs that you consider to be your “victory” tunes. Send it to someone to motivate them and pay tribute to their success  

Sometimes the road to personal victory will begin with our ability to highlight the wins of someone else first. 

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