Word Goal of the Week: velleity


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Pronounced: [vuh-lee-i-tee]


  1. A mere wish, unaccompanied by effort to obtain
  2. A wish or inclination not strong enough to lead to action

A Simple Reflection on the Word

Whether they are based on a shooting star, or candles on a birthday cake, the wishes we make say a lot about who we are and what we want out of life. Many of them never come true, however, for one of two reasons either they are unrealistic (or out of our control) or they remain a velleity.  

Modern day velleities can be found all around us. The couch potato who pays for a gym membership, but never shows up to work out. The would be novelist who wants a best selling book, but never writes a word. The dreamer who wants to travel, but never does the work necessary to see the world.

The wishes we make are often based on the things we long for and the desires we hold dear. We can either work hard to make them a reality, or we can make excuses and have them remain a velleity. The key is to stop waiting for our wishes to be magically granted, and instead shift our mindset toward achieving them. There is a very powerful and reflective lesson to be learned here…

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Our wishes can potentially form a foundation. They can put us on a path that can change our lives and help us realize things we never thought possible. Whether they are goals we crave to complete or desires we hope to attain, they must be more than an idle thought or fleeting epiphany if we want them to come true. When we are willing to go beyond simply proclaiming our hopes and dreams, and we actively take part in pursuing them, the velleities that remain in our lives can disappear. 

The amount of focus, dedication, and determination we put into something will have a direct correlation on the outcomes we achieve.

Word Goal for today

Pursue one wish that remains a velleity in your life. Take a moment and list the first three steps you can take to move closer to making your aspiration a reality. Start small and commit to following through. Doing this can help you erase the notion that your wishes are impossible to grant, and will help you shift your mindset moving forward.

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