Word Goal of the Week: syzygy
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Pronounced: [siz-i-jē]


  1. The arrangement of three celestial bodies in a straight line
  2. The metaphorical alignment of two people, ideas, or events

A Simple Reflection on the Word

Solar and lunar eclipses, gravitational pulls, and enhanced planetary effects can emerge when a syzygy takes place. The most common occurrence of this, however, is when the Sun, Moon, and Earth come into alignment at the time of a new or full moon. It is remarkable that we can witness the outcome of this phenomenon simply by glimpsing into the heavens at the right time. Although the result of this alignment lights up the night, the true illumination here comes from the deeper story that this common syzygy is trying to tell.

A full moon is often thought to symbolize “completion” or “the peak of clarity.” A new moon is commonly known to indicate “new beginnings.” When the Sun, Moon, and Earth are in syzygy, and reveal these moons, they share a tale of hope. Each of these three celestial bodies are different, yet when aligned, they rely on each other to produce a majestic sight in the night sky. There is a powerful lesson that can be learned here…

When we are able to embrace our differences and align together for a common goal, we can generate a powerful force for good.Click To Tweet

It is not what makes us different that keeps us apart, but rather the fear of those differences that separate us. When we search for a commonality with one another rather than a dispute, we can begin to move closer to change. One of the most refreshing facts about a syzygy in nature is that the alignments do not need to be perfect in order for it to occur. The same holds true when we align our strengths, ideas, and perspectives. 

Being in syzygy does not mean we have to agree on everything. It simply suggests that when we are aligned with a common goal, our differences can become strengths, our viewpoints can be broadened, and our mindset can shift towards growth. The lens through which we view our interactions can help to put us in syzygy with one another and eliminate the fears that have halted our alignment from the start. 

Word Goal for today

Form a syzygy this week. Think of someone with whom you may differ and reach out to them with the goal of finding commonality. Align your differences in order to grow. Sometimes the most difficult people for us to connect with end up being the ones that bring immense value into our lives.  

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